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Sooo, people hate Kellin because he charges $80 for a picture while Justin Bieber charges around $1200 for a FUCKINF GROUP PICTURE WITH 100 OTHER PEOPLE AND HE SHOWS UP 2 HOURS LATE  AND DOESNT EVEN SAY ONE SINGLE WORD AND HIS CONCERT TICKETS ARE 85 FUCKING DOLLARS UGH OMG

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She came up and took my hand and we really bonded,” says Harry. “She lives in the slum with her family, who battle to make a living.
“Fortunately for me, English is the main language here so we quickly became friends and she clung to me for most of the day. She was adorable. I gave her my St Christopher’s necklace to keep her safe.” +

Narry at some kind of interview in Paris today :D
Zayn (itunes festival)
Liams interview in seventeen mag is just heartbreaking to read :’(
Just look at his perfect face